CV Writing Masterclass: Real Techniques for 2022

CV Writing Masterclass: Real Techniques for 2022


  • Knowledge of Editing a text Document & operating a PC or MAC


Your CV is often a misused document, in addition to most of my candidates give their CV too much importance in their overall job search. I always profess that you can get a job without sending your CV or applying to online job adverts.

That said the CV is still a necessary step in a cadence which takes place in the employment process. Many companies will require you to upload your CV into their online application system. In addition, once you are finalizing any role the HR department will require your CV for their database and employee information systems. For these reasons, you will need a CV and this course gives you a quick overview of the different types of CVs and when you should use them.

The course also covers your personal branding, and social media branding, which in today’s digital environment is even more important than your CV.

This course is super interesting & engaging that will enable individual transformation as a student, or professional at any stage of your career.

Get the following when you enrol:

  • Engaging lessons that teach you key concepts and build up your confidence so you can apply what you’ve learnt
  • A lesson that teaches you an overview of the course and your journey of personal transformation to achieve your goal
  • Activities for each major lesson so you can take action and apply what you have learnt and make sufficient progress
  • An assignment at the end of the course that ensures you continue to take action and achieve your goals
  • Access to Tracey Ashington at any time through the messaging and assignments feature of the platform
  • Encouragement from other students who are focused on the same goal, just like you

Who this course is for:

  • Job Seekers
  • College Graduates
  • Experienced Professionals who lack visibility


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