Decision Making in Dentistry: A Guide for Fresh Clinicians

Decision Making in Dentistry: A Guide for Fresh Clinicians


  • Basic pre-clinical knowledge of dentistry


The most asked for Dental Course by my former dental students. This online course is composed by several recorded webinars and a student handout. The course was basically designed to explain the trains of thought of our team of experienced clinicians and academics who were always following updated books and articles, and who have always led well known dental clinics in different places.

The course is focused on the topics in oral rehabilitation that fresh dental clinics usually have questions at the beginning of their careers, such as how to set-up a complete treatment plan from the first clinical and radiographic examinations. Details on each field of study in dentistry are also offered, along with a student handout that summarizes scientific findings and references that answer the main questions of the fresh dental clinician.

The first part of the course is about simple and straightforward cases that usually comes routinely to our clinics, such as those involving single crown prosthetic rehabilitations. Two lectures in this same session are focused on cases that had periapical lesions or clinical complications, such as tissue dehiscences or acute infections.

The second part is about more complex cases, starting with regular fixed bridges. Among the questions addressed are: which materials to select, how to assess the possible abutments for partial dentures, which radiographic findings we should consider, how to analyze and predict the outcome of the patient’s occlusion, etc. Two additional lectures are also focused specifically on the esthetic area.

The last two lectures are basically a final exam with “pause the video” moments for the student to try to make a dental treatment plan including decisions such as: “which teeth should be extracted? how to rehabilitate the edentulous spans? Should I offer a single crown or a direct composite restoration? Should I retreat the root canal? etc…

I hope you guys enjoy!!

Who this course is for:

  • Fresh Dental Clinicians (ie recently graduated)
  • Final year dental students


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