Designing and Implementing Microsoft Azure Networking Day 1

Designing and Implementing Microsoft Azure Networking Day 1


  • AZ-900 or at least hands on experience dealing with Azure VMs, knowledge about Availability Zones, Regions


Are you a network engineer and would like to embrace the cloud ?

Are you Cloud Solution Architect and would like to have deep dive about Azure Networking Technologies ?

If yes, this course will definitely help you achieve it

Coming from networking background helped me a lot understanding the details of the details of cloud networking, so I decided to put what I learned in this course and make it available for learners

This course will take you from the foundational topics of cloud network and expand on other topics, where required I have included a review about the technology itself before explaining how it works on Azure (such as routing and NAT)

Designing and Implementing Microsoft Azure Networking Part-1 Presents the First Part of a comprehensive Course around AZ-700 Topics

The following AZ-700 topics will be covered

  • Part 1
    • Design and Implement Virtual Networks and VNET Peering (Default Peering and Global Peering)
    • Design and Implement Subnets
    • How Routing Works (not azure related but general routing concepts)
    • Design and Implement Routing and Route Tables (UDR)
    • Design and Implement Network Security Groups – NSGs, and Service Tags
    • Design and Implement Application Security Groups – ASG
    • Design and Implement Azure Public IP Addressing
    • Design and Implement Azure NAT, NAT Gateway, Different SNAT scenarios
    • Configuring Internet Access with Different NAT Options
    • Design and Implement Azure Load Balancer

Who this course is for:

  • Network Engineers
  • Cloud Learners
  • Cloud Architects
  • Cloud Network Learners
  • AZ-700



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