Doctoral Capstone Experience

Doctoral Capstone Experience


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This presentation consists of my doctoral capstone experience with Iowa Vocational Rehabilitation as an Occupational Therapy student. The first portion of the presentation goes over literature on the topic and a needs assessment completed prior to capstone. The area of focus for my capstone was program and policy development to create holistic materials that can be used by Iowa Vocational Rehabilitation Services or IVRS. Also, client education via working with the Des Moines Public Schools 4+ programs doing both 1 on 1 and group sessions.

Community education was provided when working with various business in Des Moines and educating on an inclusive workplace and accessibility to benefit both the companies and IVRS job candidates. The overarching goal for my capstone was to increase job and life skills needed for employment for transition age youth (ages 18-21) with intellectual disabilities and increase education for employers to create meaningful employment opportunities and an inclusive environment. The session objectives include identifying the role of occupational therapy in vocational rehabilitation, identifying the need for vocational rehabilitation services, and identifying various ways occupational therapists can assist transition age youth finding meaningful competitive integrated employment. Please feel free to ask me any questions after viewing the presentation. Thank you!

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