Dog Training – Polite Leash Walking Class

Dog Training – Polite Leash Walking Class


  • In addition to having a dog, you will need a range of food rewards/treats, a treat pouch, a clicker, and you may need to get a specific type of dog harness or head collar.


This course is designed to teach you how to train your dog to walk politely on a loose-leash. Many dogs pull when on leash, which makes walking both unpleasant, dangerous, and harmful for both the dog and their owner.

Included in this course are lectures and video demonstrations that cover topics such as why your dog pulls, what type of equipment we should use, and specific techniques and exercises to use as you train your dog.

Dogs that learn polite leash walking are a pleasure to take out, and as a result, they enjoy exercise, freedom, and socialization. This helps prevent both medical issues caused by lack of exercise, and behavior problems caused by not getting out for a daily walk.

This class teaches polite leash walking using positive reinforcement and force-free training.

Who this course is for:

  • Any dog of any age that would benefit from improving their leash-walking skills.


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