Dowsing with Pendulum-Expert level

Dowsing with Pendulum-Expert level


  • Advanced dowsing skills and willingness to practice.


This will give you tools you can not find online. This course is an expert level and it will be the crown of your dowsing practice. You will get 52 video lessons, everything exlained and brake down so you can perfectly follow and practice. You will get 5 mini textbooks with additional materials and powerful techniques you can use in your dowsing practice. You will learn :

· How to use Raymon Grace dowsing style, treat systemic illnesses with dowsing and structure water.

· Advanced space energy clearing techniques.

· Basics of kinesiology, working with programs (affirmations) and how you can send and install them distantly as beliefs and new constructive behavior.

· How to work with Spirits and successfully perform exorcism distantly.

· Advanced diagnostic technique visualizing charts.

· How to use exponential increase of power in dowsing for better results.

· How to awake cycles, find destructive patterns and shift them into better circumstances in life.

· How to find and remove energy blocks by using dowsing (pendulum).

· How to get energy attunements and initiations with dowsing free.

· Games to play in order to increase your psychic abilities.

· How to close detrimental portals.

· How to remove destructive programs on you and others and install more useful ones.

· How to program collective consciousness to see better external circumstances and how YOU can contribute World being better place.

It has five almost equal parts. It is easy to follow, screen, presentations , videos and explanations on whiteboard are mixed for perfect explanation and crystal clear picture and overall sense of transparency and structure. Content in this course is a result of five years of learning, practicing, testing and improving best, most effective techniques in dowsing for most powerful impact in your life and collective consciousness.

Who this course is for:

  • For advanced dowsers.
  • Advanced energy healing practitioners.
  • Light workers and Galactic Seeds.
  • Everyone who is open minded and involved in advanced self-improvement practices.
  • Everyone who wants to influence collective consciousness constructively.


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