Draw and tile Islamic geometric patterns with Sandy Kurt

Draw and tile Islamic geometric patterns with Sandy Kurt


  • You will need a compass, a ruler, a hard pencil (2H or harder) for drafting, a fine liner for outlining or a soft pencil for tracing, paper and tracing paper, eraser, masking tape.
  • You should know how to handle and use a compass
  • You should have previous experience in drawing with a pencil and a ruler


In this course, I teach you how to construct eight Islamic Geometric patterns using a compass and a ruler.

I will also provide you with a step by step pdf tutorial for each pattern to supplement the video demonstrations.

In each unit you will learn to construct and outline an Islamic geometric pattern.

This course consists of 11 units:

– 2 main constructions

– 4 simple patterns

– 4 complex patterns

– 1 layout

This course is divided into 2 stages:

1) The first one is to learn how to construct all 8 patterns. With just two construction we are able to outline 8 amazing zellige patterns.

2) The second stage is to construct them again but this time on a smaller scale so that they can fit on a single sheet of paper. This is when you will learn how to construct the layout.

Once the layout is ready you will construct each pattern one more time to give them the right proportions and thanks to the layout you will know exactly where to put them.

At the end of the course, you can also add the colours of your choice and step up your game.

This course is suitable for people with previous experience with compass and ruler and with an interest in the geometric patterns they have seen in and around the Islamic world.

Who this course is for:

  • Suitable for people that love geometric patterns, mandalas or zentangles.
  • Suitable for people that want to create art in a relaxing way
  • Suitable for people that know how to use a compass and want to broaden their skills
  • Suitable for people that already have some experience with basic Islamic geometry


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