Drills for belly dance Balancing Acts & Candelabrum combos

Drills for belly dance Balancing Acts & Candelabrum combos


  • intermediate-to-advanced belly dance skills


Class 1 Belly Dance Drills for Balancing Acts – Fluid Moves

“Today, in our online classes series, we’ll work on isolations for balancing acts. And it’s not just for balancing acts. If you are not interested in balancing a sword, a tray of candles or a shemadan, resist the temptation to skip this class. These drills will make you a better dancer with more organic and precise isolations, simply because balancing an object on your head forces your whole body to mobilize and perform with more control.”

Class 2 Belly Dance Balancing Drills – percussive moves

“Today we continue our balancing drills – we’ll cover percussive moves: hipwork and upper body percussive accents.”

Class 3 Orientalist Fantasy Belly Dance Candelabrum / Shemadan Combinations

The candelabrum dance tradition emerged in the early 20th century in Egypt, and it’s typically performed at weddings, to zeffa, Egyptian wedding procession music, with a specific beat. However, if you dance at a family party, a corporate event or in a nightclub here in the US or Europe or anywhere outside of the middle east, you may want to go with Western pop music or, if it’s a stage performance, and you want that exotic bellydance flavor, you may choose the route of Orientalist fantasy, and find a piece of music that has an exotic Arabian taste, but it’s just a sylization – it is not taxing the patience of your audience with traditional instruments or rhythms. And that’s what we’ll be doing today – learning candelabrum dance combinations you can use in such a performance.

Who this course is for:

  • Intermediate-to-advanced belly dance artists


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