eMad Birthday Party Magic Show

eMad Birthday Party Magic Show


  • A set of magic trick props is required to put together a magic show.
  • You can buy tricks directly from the original makers or find replicas on sites like eBay and AliExpress – we will provide a list of links to tricks
  • Although most tricks require only minimal sleight of hand, the key to a great show is practice


Are you a magic enthusiast who wants to perform a live magic show for an audience aged three to eleven 3-11, but don’t know where to start? I found myself in a similar situation when I was asked to perform at a family member’s birthday party. 

This course is basically a version of my 45 min birthday party show. I decided to create a collection of simple, stage-recommended tricks that would appeal to a younger audience. The trick list includes various props and warm up gags such as the The snapping tie, Flying invisible Ball,  The Rising Wand, The Multiplying Bananas, The Animated Mouse on a stick. Mouse Finger Puppet, Coloring Book, Hand puppet, home made props such as Super Laughing Chicken and zoo animal card trick, Other card tricks, the changing cat tail color, and more.

Will share my prop organizing solution and  the different traveling cases that I use.

Also will share how I make and store and fit the tables inside the cases.

Will share tips on how to handle the audience, how to make a mistake an opportunity, and some marketing tips.

Will share my show script and the graphics I use for the tricks

The goal is to bring back the art of magic presentation as a form of entertainment, rather than just trickery.

Who this course is for:

  • Amateur magicians who are interested in performing a live show for children for the first time
  • Aspiring magicians who are trying to decide which category of tricks to include in their full act.


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