Email Marketing Essentials

Email Marketing Essentials


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The Email Marketing Essentials video course was created to educate an individual who has the interest in learning how to send profitable emails.   The course videos are packed with email marketing essential information, from the basic definitions of email marketing terms to methods of profiting from your emails.

At the completion of just the first three lessons, you will have gained enough knowledge and understanding to recognize the basic email marketing terms; detailed information about opt-in pages and how to optimize them; and of course, what is a lead magnet, why is the lead magnet important, and some examples of lead magnets.

The remaining lessons deal with sending strategies for your emails.  The three Sending Strategies are:  The Basics, The Copy and the Subject Lines.

In the Basics lesson you will see an overall visual description of a basic email.  You will learn what the elements of the email are called, what their function is, what makes them unique and important, and what do they relate to (open rates, product you may be selling, when to send, clicks…).

In the Subject Line lesson, I will go over different types of subject lines and words you can use to get someone to open your email.

Finally, in the Copy lesson I will show you the difference between short copy and the long copy, what are the benefits of each, when to use each and why you could create a hybrid of the two.

Who this course is for:

  • people who want to learn email marketing
  • people who want to learn how to send emails to make money online

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