Embedded System Interview Preparation Plan in detail

Embedded System Interview Preparation Plan in detail


Are you Preparing for interview for below job profiles

  • Linux kernel engineer
  • Embedded System Engineer
  • Device Driver Developer
  • BSP engineer
  • Multimedia Device Driver engineer

Then you are at right place . This course is specially design for you to have a good and result oriented strategy to prepare for upcoming interview . This course will give you good insight on how to prepare for interview . What to focus more and what to focus less . This course will help you to plan for interview preparation as per the job profile you are preparing for .

We have divided Embedded Systems job role in below three categories

1) BSP Engineers

2) Low Level Driver Developer

3) Multimedia Device Driver Developer (Video , Audio , Camera)

We have covered specific interview preparation for above job roles .  Every roles has some specific area of tasks to focus so we have identified the specific area to focus on according to above job profile .   We have prepared this course as per the feedback from different interviewer from Embedded System Industries who have taken lot  of interview s . So their guidance will help you to prepare for interview in short time .

Lets not wait and start preparing for Interview . Hoping after this training you will have good confidence for your interview preparation .


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