Ending Young Adult Depression

Ending Young Adult Depression


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A course that will change your life!

In a world where the most scariest part is the word Depression, Ana Lennyr shares in this short course exactly why this condition occurs and how can be solved by parents. For many years we haven’t asked the right questions and we haven’t received the right answers, which made the parents and the children confused about this condition.

As a child who suffered from depression herself,  as a formal suicidal at age 19, and as a mother who saw her own child slipping in depression,  Ana Lennyr brings a different perspective about this condition. More than that, she shares in this short course exactly the formula to get a child out of depression.

This course is designed for open minded parents who want to help their child overcome these hurdles and who want to make sure this never happens to their children again. How could this be possible? To guarantee this condition never repeats? Quite simple. We are teaching the young adults the right life skill for SUCCESS in life.  

By teaching our young adults relationships skills, the 4 men and women archetypes and the dynamics between them – we can avoid heartbreak. By teaching them that negative emotions like anger, worry and anxiety are their superpowers – we a building emotional balance. By teaching them the mind traps that keep people in pain and fear of the unknown –  they can avoid undermining their own potential.
But it’s more than that. The pressure of the pain that the young adult feels can bring them to their body collapsing in time under the DEEP PRESSURE. By transmuting this negative energy, we make sure the young adult becomes not only happy but also healthy, as the emotional wounds are connected to certain parts of the body.

Living in Depression and Getting Out Of Depression are 2 different games. Our responsibility as parents is to learn the GAME to help our children out of this condition. Ana Lennyr explain exactly why this can’t be done by anyone else than the parent, as this will irreparable break the bond between parent and child.

As many parents are dealing with many challenges in life and time constraints, Ana Lennyr made sure this course is as short as possible, so the parent is informed to what to do immediately and apply it to save their child.

We wish you  the best in your journey.

Who this course is for:

  • Parents with teenagers
  • Parents with angry and depressed children
  • Parents of young adults
  • Parents of college students
  • Parents confused about child depression
  • All Parents


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