Entrepreneurship 101: Advice From A Spiritual Business Coach

Entrepreneurship 101: Advice From A Spiritual Business Coach


  • No Entrepreneurship Experience Needed
  • A Burning Desire To Grow And Contribute
  • Attention To Detail


What positive impact can a coach make on your life? How do they guide you to think and act differently, in a way that supports your dreams?

In this course, I will take you behind the scenes to my REAL struggles and how my mentors helped me grow through them. I talk to Kanji about my challenges with overeating, boredom, self-worth, anxiety, depression, loneliness, and procrastination.

Kanji Low is a mentor and coach based in Melbourne who has been featured in Yahoo Finance as a top-tier coach. He is Helping Coaches Build & Scale Multi 6 Figure Businesses To Serve The World!


  1. Learn How To Run A Passion-Based Business
  2. Learn How Successful Coaches Think, Behave and Live
  3. Learn How To Attract Your Ideal Reality
  4. Learn How To Shift Your Limiting Stories
  5. Learn How To Upgrade Your Communication Skills For Entrepreneurship
  6. Reduce Stress, Burnout, & Overwhelm in Your Business

These are the BENEFITS & RESULTS after taking this course:

✓ You will see if coaching can help you reach your dreams

✓ You will understand how a world-class coach operates and guides their clients

✓ You will become aware of your internal limiting narratives

✓ You will spend less time overthinking and more time taking positive action

In summary, I have recorded conversations with my business coach about how to overcome the common struggles of an entrepreneur. I recommend treating this like a podcast and focusing on any sections where you can relate to the question.

There is something in this for everyone.

Who this course is for:

  • People Who Are Not Sure How To Be A Successful Entrepreneur
  • People Who Want To Lead Others To A Better Future
  • People Who Want To Experience More Peace, Calm, and Self-Awareness
  • Entrepreneurs Who Want to Scale Their Businesses
  • Young People Who Want To Know What It Takes To Create A Lifestyle of Freedom
  • Young People Who Are Trying To Discover Who They Are
  • Young Professionals Who Want To See How Coaching Works


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