Essentials to buying a Flat UK 2021/22 home owner/investor

Essentials to buying a Flat UK 2021/22 home owner/investor


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Buying a flat is a fabulous decision to make, regardless of whether your purchasing as a first time buyer, a mid life professional, a retired person a second home. or investor.  Trainee estate agents and property professional can also benefit from this course, as it will provide an insight into this area of the property world.  However, flat buying is far from simple as there are many important factors in the process which must be taken into consideration, that  can effect the ownership! This course will give you the knowledge to make an informed decision so that you can buy with confidence, and could help you save a considerable amount of  financial burdens, which you are legally bound! 

The implications of buying a flat are so different to buying a house,  and not knowing what you are buying, and realizing after you have bought can be truly a daunting prospect!   Budgeting as well for a flat in the buying process and living costs after you have bought has also to be factored in.  The fact is so many flat  buyers do get it wrong, so by taking this course, it will enlighten you  whether to buy a flat and when you are searching the market, you’ll  know what’s a good buy and what’s  not a good buy. The value of this course to any one who sits it is knowledge of the course author who has much  experience gained over the last 20 plus years.

Who this course is for:

  • First time buyers, potential investors , retirees, estate and letting agent trainees, home owners
  • Students in property management, Professional courses or degrees
  • First time buyers of flats
  • Professionals looking for a flat
  • Anybody looking for an investment flat
  • People taking advantage of the new 5% deposit scheme 2021
  • People taking advantage of the stamp duty holiday
  • Anybody wishing to know about flat buying and the process
  • People who want to downsize to a flat and want a general understanding of ownership


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