Establishing Healthy Boundaries for Quality Relationships

Establishing Healthy Boundaries for Quality Relationships


  • Note-taking materials needed
  • No prior knowledge of boundary-building needed


This course defines boundary, identifies healthy personal boundaries, and manages boundaries for quality communication and relationships. As an inclusive part of self-care, establishing healthy boundaries is essential to mental health and wellness. The course includes lectures and a case study. Divided into two sections, the video lectures demonstrate defining important terms, methods for implementing personal boundaries, and communication skill development.

Learning objectives for this course consist of identifying methods of implementation of healthy and realistic boundaries, and maintaining boundaries in personal relationships, developing a plan of communication of boundaries while managing expectations and challenges, and active experience in boundary- building and management. Terminology such as healthy and realistic signifies for the individual setting the boundary or boundaries in the relationship. Healthy refers to mentally and emotional appropriate measures and desirable outcomes for the individual setting boundaries. Realistic refers to the adequate and relevant tactics employed for the relationship in comparison to the desirable outcomes.

The lecture on self-care demonstrates the relationship between boundaries and overall wellness. No prior experience with or knowledge of boundaries or self-care is required. This course is for individuals who are seeking ways to build healthy boundaries in personal relationships as part of self-care and wellness.

Who this course is for:

  • Individuals seeking relevant ways to establish and maintain healthy boundaries in personal relationships


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