Exchange Online and Communication Inside of M365

Exchange Online and Communication Inside of M365


  • No experience needed.


This course will teach you how to administer Exchange Online and Microsoft Outlook to secure how organizations communicate. Principles of mail flow will also help you to better understand why email is still one of the most important business tools out there

This course is designed to show you how Microsoft 365 technology can solve REAL WORLD problems. While the material in this course can prep you for many different certification exams, my philosophy is to teach you HOW these services are used and WHY we configure them the way we do.

Are you any of the following?

  • New Learner
    • This course will give you a fundamental understanding of Microsoft cloud technologies that you can use to separate yourself from other potential job seekers.
  • Already in the field?
    • Looking to up your skillset to knab that promotion? This course is designed to show you not only HOW you implement the technology but also the WHY.
  • Business Decision Maker?
    • Trying to learn how to make sense of the Microsoft cloud offerings? Want to understand what makes the most sense for your organization? This course will show you how Microsoft technologies can best fit in your organization.

No matter how you break it down, this course has something for you and will help you learn what is effective in the field.

Who this course is for:

  • Beginning learners looking to understand the Microsoft Cloud
  • Somebody already in the field looking to expand their skillset
  • Business decision maker looking to understand Microsoft Cloud


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