Explosive Google Shopping Ads For Shopify 2021

Explosive Google Shopping Ads For Shopify 2021


  • No previous media buying experience is necessary for this course
  • Great attitude to learn a new life long skill set that could generate loads of traffic and revenue to your shopify store
  • Should have an existing Shopify business, whether it’s dropshipping, print on demand, or anything else, this course is for Shopify store owners
  • Needs to have at least $5/day to test Google Shopping Ads if you want to generate a profit.


If you’re sick of relying only on Facebook ads, or you feel like you’re stuck in your Shopify business. And you want a awesome solution then this course is perfect for you. Google currently gets over 40,000 searches per second and it’s the #1 search engine and #1 website in the world PERIOD.

It’s time for YOU to start leveraging it for ads to your Shopify store.

This course will take you over the shoulder, step by step on setting up your Google Shopping ads with your Shopify business. It covers everything from A-Z so that you can easily start generating revenue for as little as $5 per day in ad spend.

Google Shopping has been a game changer for so many students of mine and I’m excited to be sharing it with you today!

This course will lay the foundation and the perfect blue print for you to explode your Shopify business WITHOUT having to rely on Facebook ad’s insane algorithm.

If you’re sick of inconsistent ROA’s on your FB ads or you’re sick of competing against the big giant guru’s that are always going to easily outspend you when it comes to FB ads then you need to start leveraging Google Shopping Ads to effortlessly generate more revenue in your Shopify store.

Google Shopping ads is an absolute steal and a low hanging fruit for you to make additional revenue with your existing Shopify store

Who this course is for:

  • This course is for Shopify store owners that are sick and tired of relying on FB Ads
  • This course is for E-Commerces entrepreneurs that are looking to scale extensively with Google Shopping Ads
  • This course is for business owners that are selling their products/services via Shopify and would like to generate more revenue from an untapped traffic source

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