Feel alive & build confidence

Feel alive & build confidence


  • Anyone with a growth mindset can follow this course. No previous experience is needed.


Do you sometimes feel you’re spending too much time on your phone? Are you longing to have more real world interactions?

This course will give you the tools to build confidence, feel more alive, come closer to yourself, to be getting out of your head and in your body, to have better relationships, and a lot of fun along the way.


Like some of you,  I have the tendency to turn inwards, even if many people perceive me to be an extrovert. I came to the level of self-awareness I need to challenge myself every now and then to keep me open. I realised fairly quickly that you either take charge of your life or your life takes charge of you. The path to greatness is not the conventional path.

Does this resonate with you in any way?

Join me during this 12 week guide to feel alive & build confidence, and get a bit more out of your current life.

I started this because I feel we’re spending so much time communicating through screens and I can sometimes feel so frustrated. Do you also experience the same? We’re going about our lives being paralysed by our phones and letting our life taking control instead of you controlling your life.

I have been organising offline and online workshops since 5 years now. I have been exploring dozens of exercises and curated the best ones just for you. My workshops have been attended by hundreds of people.

I’m now bringing you the very best and most popular exercises in a fun 12 week challenge that you can do with your friends. What’s coming next is 12 challenges with a new challenge every week. You will only be able to go through the next challenge if you completed the previous one.


The weekly challenges are aimed at building three key skills:

  • Build individual confidence
  • Get at ease with trying new things
  • Become more social


There is no specific material required other than the mindset of willing to grow as a person and willing to extend the boundaries of your current comfort zone. That’s where the magic is.


With a keen interest in self-development, Gert Jan has founded multiple events such as First Light, Guerrilla and Oosh in both Hong Kong and Brussels, aiming at gathering people and bringing individuals closer to themselves. He also runs Meetups “Feel Alive & build confidence” to help the participants living fuller lives.

Gert Jan was awarded the Hong Kong 30 under 30 recognition, in a city where he just moved a couple of years before. His work has been featured in numerous international magazines and other media outlets.


Hong Kong press coverage

South China Morning Post

Time Out Hong Kong

Mabuhay (Philippines Airlines in-flight magazine)

Lane Crawford Magazine

Belgium press coverage

La Libre Belgique

Elle Magazine


Vivacité, Qmusic & MNM

Who this course is for:

  • We live in an era where we’re connected through screens and forgot how to interact in the offline world. This course is designed to – step by step – get you out of your shell and take full existence in the offline world. This course will enable you to be your full present self soaking up your immediate environment


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