Fight Parkinsons Disease with a Great Fitness Plan

Fight Parkinsons Disease with a Great Fitness Plan


  • Certified Personal Trainer or someone who works with people who have Parkinson’s Disease


Parkinson’s Disease is a debilitating disease that makes life extremely difficult for the victim and family.  Now, Ron Betta introduces a program to help Fitness Professionals and Personal Trainers, learn how to work with clients who have Parkinson’s Disease.  Get the right information from the client, Doctor and family to best learn how to help.  Communicate with the Doctor working with your client and others to improve the life of the client.  Understand how to build a team of experts and position yourself as an advocate for the client – and be the leader in the client’s fitness program.  Develop your own customized program for each client and learn how to expand your business with Doctors and other professionals who can help in the life of clients with P.D.  From nutrition to stretching, exercise to supplementation, Ron Betta will take you through his experiences with clients who have had P.D. and how you can best help them slow the progress of the disease.  Clients who have been diagnosed with P.D. are facing a daily battle and you will be better off with this unique program.  Ron will help you understand what to ask, what to watch out for an how to be the safest option for your clients.

Who this course is for:

  • Fitness Professionals, people who are working with clients that have Parkinson’s disease
  • People who want to know how to manage fitness programs of people with Parkinson’s Disease.
  • Doctors who want to understand how Personal Trainers and fitness professionals can best work with patients with Parkinson’s Disease.



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