Finding the Light in Dementia – Dementia Awareness

Finding the Light in Dementia – Dementia Awareness


  • This is an introductory course to dementia for beginners. There are no prerequisites for taking this course


Created by a dementia nurse specialist, people living with dementia, caregivers and leading professionals, this engaging Dementia Awareness training course has been designed with films and audios as an introduction to dementia for carers, caregivers and members of the public, to help you learn more about the different conditions that come under the umbrella term dementia.

On completion of this short course, you will start to understand the world of the person living with dementia and gain confidence when caring with them.

By listening to the voices of people living with different types of dementia and caregivers, this course will help you learn from their experience as well as from leading professionals in the field of dementia.

The course covers all aspects including:

  • Different types, symptoms and stages associated with the conditions.
  • Information on how dementia is diagnosed
  • Where to go for help.
  • Advice on how to modify a person’s home and lifestyle to assist with day to day living.

You will learn interesting facts such as how a person may be experiencing their world and once you know some of this fascinating information, you will understand much more about why the person may respond and behave in the way that they do. It will all make sense and help you.

This course is a great introduction to our Finding the Light in Dementia courses.

Who this course is for:

  • This course is for: Families and caregivers of people living with dementia
  • Careworkers and volunteers caring for people living with dementia
  • People working in public services that will come into contact with people living with dementia


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