FMCG / CPG Brand Communication fundamentals

FMCG / CPG Brand Communication fundamentals


  • Basics in marketing


This course covers some basic foundation of brand marketing and communication, specially tailored for FMCG / CPG marketers.

The course is structured in several sections that cover the following topics:

· What is a brand profile and how you define it for your brand. This will help defining the key brand positioning and you will learn how to plan for it, whether working alone or with your marketing team.

· What are brand architecture, range architecture, communication architecture and how to plan for them. Most importantly we discuss why and when those tools are relevant.

· What is a marketing concept and how to write one. We discuss what are the differences between NPD concepts, communication concepts or activation concepts

· How to define crucial issues and opportunities that are affecting your brand in order to define the root cause that you need to address with one of the leverages of the marketing mix, with a focus on communication

· How to develop and judge communication adopting a simple framework

· What are the typical type of promotions, how to write a promotion concept and how to link the type of promotion to the marketing objectives you want to achieve

We use powerpoint slides that are provided to help following the videos.

Who this course is for:

  • Intermediate brand marketing professionals
  • Brand managers
  • FMCG/CPG marketing managers


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