FREE Portuguese Class for Begginers

FREE Portuguese Class for Begginers


  • No previous knowledge of Portuguese is required. The course is strategically designed for complete beginners!
  • Enthusiastic attitude to learn Portuguese as fast as possible!
  • Willingness and drive to really take the time out and learn a new language with a proven instructor in just a few hours!


This is the free version for those of you that want a sample of what the full version would be, inside this training course you will have access to 7 out of 20 total lessons for free. This is specifically designed for those of you that are afraid to invest into a course, are don’t believe that you could learn a new language online.

Learn the direct translations on what your favorite songs, movies, or series really mean!

We wanted to make sure that you got some lessons for free so that you can get a feel for the instructor and the new language that you are about to learn! So we hope you enjoy these 7 lessons and that you use them to have conversations in your Portuguese learning journey!

This course will give you the most proven way to start speaking and having REAL conversations in Portuguese within a few short hours of practice! Unlike other language learning methods, this course will give you all the basic fundamentals early and quickly then dive straight into learning common phrases and conversation strategies.

If you like many others have felt fear of learning a new language and had struggle really diving into a whole new form of communication, then this short course is exactly what you need to get started mastering the Portuguese language today.

Not only will you learn a TON of new words that you can easily start using in your day to day vocabulary, but you’ll literally have the ability to communicate and have dialogue with any of the 200 million Portuguese speakers worldwide!

This was strategically designed by a world class instructor and has been proven to help you learn as quickly as possible by leveraging an extremely simple and step-by-step training method. You’ll find yourself speaking Portuguese right from the get go.

Be extremely careful though, this method is dangerously addictive and could potentially get you hooked and you may very easily fall in love with learning Portuguese. We’ve seen brand new Portuguese learning students get results and literally start having full on conversations in Portuguese within a hour of training!

Unlike other courses, this particular course was taught by a language specialist. Julie Guaglianono has been studying languages all her life. She is fluent in Spanish, English, Italian, Portuguese, Korean & French. She’s worked as a translator in embassies all over the world, and has taught college courses to thousands of language learners worldwide even at an early age.

Helping people from all over the world communicate and connect with one another through languages is a passion of hers.

Hope you enjoy and it’s been a huge honor and pleasure serving you!


A gente se vê

Who this course is for:

  • Anyone who needs to acquire a practical use of basic Portuguese accurately within a few hours or less!
  • Anyone with very little knowledge of Portuguese or even absolute beginners!
  • Anyone who wants to be able to speak and have effective communication and conversations in Portuguese in less than 4 hours!
  • Anyone who would love to learn Portuguese through speaking and active involvement instead of memorizing lists or rules!
  • Anyone who is skeptical about paying for Udemy courses any want a free sample before making a honest commitment!
  • Anyone who is still afraid that they cannot learn Portuguese with training courses online, so they want a free sample to see if this is the right course for them!


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