Freedom from Binge Eating

Freedom from Binge Eating


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You don’t need more willpower to stop binge eating.

In fact, willpower, like any muscle gets fatigued with more use, which is why people find they are more likely to binge eat in the evening, when willpower is at its lowest.

In this course you will learn what the 4 most common causes behind binge eating are, and how to approach each one.

This course also explores how dieting, food rules or restricting food mentally or physically is part of the problem and how to gently support yourself out of this common social practice, toward a more balanced and peaceful relationship with food that is built around nourishment and pleasure, not restriction.

Now, if you’ve just read this, you might think that you binge eat for pleasure, but I want to challenge you to think after the first few bites, pleasure is not what you are getting from the food you’re binge eating. Perhaps you’re numbing out, binging to reduce stress, binging because you are thinking about tomorrow’s diet, or out of habit, but its unlikely you’re binge eating for pleasure. This course will help you to start to build true pleasure in your eating, with a focus of learning how to eat to reduce binge eating.

In this course you will explore how to approach the moments just before you binge eat and how to help yourself through the desire to do so. This course also explores what to do if you have a slip, on your journey to full recovery.

This course will also show you how to cope with your emotions that may have previously been a trigger to binge eat with our Emotional Eating Workbook, that you can download as part of this course.

You will learn the step by step process of ending dieting, mental restriction, creating new habits that will work together to help you reduce binge eating frequency until it becomes a smaller and smaller part of your life. You can use these tools in this course to eventually end binge eating all together.

You will explore the question of food addiction including the current science around this. Each lesson is evidence-based and all research has been cited and linked in the resource section of each lesson.

I hope you find this course helpful.

Who this course is for:

  • Binge eaters / People who are binge eating
  • People who are struggling to stop binge eating
  • People who binge eat to numb



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