Fruits Drawing: Graphite Pencil Shading Techniques Course

Fruits Drawing: Graphite Pencil Shading Techniques Course


  • Paper (A3 size Drawing File)
  • Pencil (Grades: HB, 2B, 4B, 6B, 8B, 10B, EE)
  • Eraser
  • Ruler
  • Paper Stumps & Motivation to learn!


Fruits Drawing: Graphite Pencil Shading Techniques course is well designed by our highly experienced art mentor. Learn under the guidance of India’s Most famous Art Guru Dasji Purushottam. This course is highly recommended for aspirants interested in fruits drawing and graphite pencil shading techniques. If you want to fulfil your dream to become an art professional, please join this course and enrich your creative capabilities. This course module contains basic and fundamentals of drawing and graphite pencil shading application as well. You will learn light and shade, and the objects will transform in 3D impression. This course will dramatically improve your drawing and graphite pencil shading techniques.

Fruits Drawing: Graphite Pencil Shading Techniques divided in to two section. First one is Fundamental and basics of drawing. In this section you’ll learn basics of drawing, knowledge about shapes and lots more.

In the second section you will learn about the pencil grades, stocks mixing techniques, shading techniques light and shadow concept.

Well Designed & Result Oriented!

We are intended to introduce new professional art courses time to time. Our courses are designed to keeping in view the need of art students. Which gives an opportunity to become an art learner to an artist. The course will attain you the level of creativity from raw to professional and we assure that the student will feel transformation in their self.

Art is a universally uplifting phenomena, which develop a person into a skilled artist and morally upright person.

How to get maximum benefit of this course:

Watch one lecture in a day & practice. If you follow my instructions and perform the drawing exercises along the way, do remember your friends and family will be amazed to see your art work. The sharp observation and the concentration is the key to become a complete artist.

Who this course is for:

  • Anyone interested in Drawing.
  • Anyone wanting to learn specifically fruits drawing
  • Anyone interested to learn specifically Graphite Pencil Shading Applications


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