Fundamental of ICT

Fundamental of ICT


  • There is no any prerequisites for the course. Anyone those who want to know about computer system join this course.


The course on ‘Fundamentals of Information and Communication Technology (ICT)’ is designed to provide the Basic understanding about Computer system. The aim of this course is to help the student to

1. Use the computer system,

2. Know the internal components of Computer system,

3. Know the different external devices connected to computer system and also

4. Know about different Network devices and Network environment.

5. Differentiating Application Software and system software

6. Know Working with Operating System

This course is divided into five different sections. The first section is basics of computer system which gives idea about computer system, types of computer, characteristics of computer and Basic block diagram of computer system. The second section elaborate the history and generation of computer and also classification of computer. The third section defines the Internal components and external devices connected to computer. The next section is of types of software where you will learn system and application software and last sections describe the network environment.

After Learning this course student /learners will be able to

•Use computer system and its peripherals.

•Explain the Block diagram of computer system

•Classify the given type of software

•Explain characteristics of specified type of Network.

•Describe the application of specified type of Network connecting device.

•Describe procedure to manage a file/folder in the given way.

Who this course is for:

  • Any Student/ Learner who want to know basics of computer system


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