Gentle Disordered Eating Liberation : Nurture and Thrive

Gentle Disordered Eating Liberation : Nurture and Thrive


  • There are no prerequisites for taking this course; a mind open for learning would of course be beneficial
  • There are no tools or specific equipment required for this course; you may want headphones to listen confidentially.
  • You will benefit from a journal and pen to explore self inquiry prompts and write notes.


Nurture and Thrive is our signature 12 step evidenced based programme to support individuals end food and body obsession, end binge eating, emotional overeating, yoyo-dieting or restriction. Our approach is integrative and takes a somatic, nervous system lens to support the individuals we work with to realise that recovery is not about strength or willpower, but rather about science and safety. In Nurture and Thrive we delve into the science behind why we might keep turning to behaviours that cause them distress and how to overcome this gently and tenderly, using the body as ally, not an enemy.

Nurture and Thrive has been developed by a specialist dietitian after working with 1000’s of individuals in the eating disorder and body image space and realising that there is a gap in understanding why disordered behaviours can be so challenging to confront and change; by creating awareness around this, our members stop blaming and shaming themselves and learn to open themselves up to other ways of coping, feeling and living.

Nurture and Thrive consists of 12 steps, each step is accompanied with a video, audio and E-book so you can choose how you would like to engage best.

We include resources such as example meals plans, coping skills guides, worksheets and journal prompts to give you easy to access tools to use.

Who this course is for:

  • Individuals experiencing disordered eating or body image concerns
  • Practitioners and trainers working with individuals experiencing disordered eating and body image concerns


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