Get Creative with Clay!

Get Creative with Clay!


  • If you’re a quick learner you can jump right into this class. However, if you’ve never worked with clay before I recommend that you take my free course, “Make it with Clay.”


We’ll review basic techniques of pinch, coil and slab construction but if you find that you are struggling with technique then you’ll want to go back and start with my course, Make it with Clay.  In this class we will focus more on creativity as I give you a variety of strategies for preplanning and developing meaning through your art making. Doing all of the lessons will give you insight into what kind of style you like to use as well as which modes of thinking are most effective for you. The idea here is that everyone is different so all of us should be able to develop work that is unique and authentic.

Who this course is for:

  • People who want to work with their hands, develop creative thinking and express themselves through making art.


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