Goal Achievement with Motivation, Discipline and Persistence

Goal Achievement with Motivation, Discipline and Persistence


  • I can’t think of a single prerequisite to beginning to get your life organized — desire?


Do you feel stuck?

Like maybe you’re merely existing when you could be living?

Are you simply part of the crowd rather than a unique individual?

Perhaps it’s time to change…

Perhaps it’s time to pursue your passions using techniques such as…

  • Goal Setting: Set Achievable, Incremental & Measurable (AIM) Goals

So, how about changing everything… and I mean for the better?

Welcome to my course on goal setting and personal productivity.  My name is Brian Jackson and I’m a top-rated Udemy instructor of over 50 courses covering a wide range of topics from writing, self-publishing and book covers to 2D animation.

This is a course about goal setting but the course goes well beyond that by including a detailed discussion of how to achieve your goals through:

  • Motivation – Building Momentum
  • Discipline – Directed Momentum
  • Persistence – Sustained Momentum

Follow these simple techniques to make significant positive progress toward your goals.

This course is designed for anyone who would like to take control of their life.  The ideal student is someone like you.  Someone who has dreams and aspirations they want to pursue passionately and studiously.

Thanks for your interest in the course.  I hope you’re excited to get started.  If you are, go ahead and click on the enroll button.

So, I’ll see you in the classroom,


Who this course is for:

  • Students with difficulties clarifying their life’s ambitions
  • Students having difficulties with motivation
  • Students with discipline or task management issues
  • Students who daily need to overcome adversity
  • Students interested in increasing their personal productivity through the use of lists

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