Green Smoothies 101

Green Smoothies 101


  • You will need a blender, or access to a blender for the duration of the course.
  • You will need access to dark leafy greens, fresh fruits and vegetables.
  • You will need a kitchen space to set up and make each of the recipes in the course. Basics include, counter space, a refrigerator or freezer and a sink with running water.
  • You will need a desire to look and feel great!


Become a Green Smoothie Rockstar! This course will take you step by step through the tools, tips and tricks you need to become an expert at making delicious and nutritious green smoothies in your own kitchen. I share my knowledge about nutrition, self-care, and holistic wellness as the perfect foundation for learning how to make 7 specific recipes that you can easily make and will love! 

Approach your health from the point of view that being healthy can be FUN! 

Eating a spectrum of vitamins and minerals is critical for your health, but even more than that, having fresh, plant based, whole foods in your daily diet is a must for the integrity of your cells. The basis of all life is cellular health. Without that we fall apart. No source of nutrition can provide you with better cell integrity than plants! Fruits and vegetables are important for so many reasons, and when you consume them in fresh, raw, unprocessed form, they add so much to your digestive health.

I teach this course because smoothies are so easy to make. They make healthy eating fun and adventurous and the cleanup is a snap!

If you are a person who says “I don’t like the consistency” when somebody offers you a smoothie, then I challenge you to make your own, see what goes into it and give it a taste. A smoothie can be on the thin and viscous side or thick, rich and creamy, depending on what you put into it. Try these recipes and use the skills and strategies to invent your own.

More than anything, this course is designed to give you the tools you need to start a healthy habit. Green foods can be scary to some, but not in a delicious smoothie. Try it and if you don’t love it, I will refund the cost of your course so you can try something different.

Who this course is for:

  • Women who are seeking a healthy approach to weight loss.
  • Beginner and first time smoothie makers.
  • People seeking emotional support around lifestyle change.
  • Busy moms struggling to get their kids to eat a healthier diet.
  • People who want to make “healthy” more fun!
  • Anyone who wants to stimulate natural weight loss while increasing energy levels.
  • People craving more energy with which to pursue dreams and enjoy their lives.
  • People who want a health coach to support them in forming healthy habits.


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