Grieving Pet Loss – Honoring the Process

Grieving Pet Loss – Honoring the Process


  • Any loving relationship with a pet (past or present).


The love given and received from pets is so incredibly wonderful – an intense daily boost and pleasure that is indescribable in words! This is why the mutual trust and co-dependence that becomes part of our daily routines and experience is so difficult to lose. Whether the loss is sudden, expected; has happened recently or years ago, this is a process that pet-lovers may understand, yet no one will feel the way YOU feel in your time of loss. Sympathy or empathy is received initially for many of us yet, over time, most of us feel too much guilt to burden others with the grief that is not easy to shake from this experience. Many of us have had especially “that special one” that leaves an impression like no other – whose loss hits that much harder. This course is to help you get through your healthy processing of this unique grief as I work through my own.

I will share ideas and tips from what I have learned as a Certified Grief Recovery Specialist and provide resources and ideas of ways to help make one of the most widely-felt and infrequently-discussed losses in our lives – manageable. This course will not make you no longer miss your loss – but I hope will help provide healthy and positive awareness of this special relationship through compassion for your lost pet, AND compassion for yourself through this process too. There is no doubt in my mind that our loved pets would want nothing more than this for us.

Who this course is for:

  • Anyone who has suffered the loss of a pet through illness, injury or any change in life experience.


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