Growing Homemade Organic Food

Growing Homemade Organic Food


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Why should we grow our own garden?

You can go to the supermarket and buy your own produce, but growing your own vegetables is very important, and incredibly satisfying.

Modern Agriculture uses oil. The burning of the oil creates global warming. In order to reduce the amount of global warming, we can grow our own food.

Secondly, A non-organic system means polluting the water system when we use pesticides. These pesticides, go directly into the water system.

Thirdly, Non-organic agriculture encourages chopping down trees, which is not good for the ecosystem in general.

Fourthly, In order to grow food, modern agriculture denudes the land, creating an inhospitable environment for different species of animals and plants.

Today, in our modern world, we do all these things in order to grow food, but we’re actually eliminating the fertile ground we are sitting on, which will eventually lead to an ultimate lack of farmable land. Growing our own garden improves the state of the planet we live in in a number of ways:.

The Advantages of Organic Agriculture:

Firstly, Organic agriculture does not use pesticides, so it does not pollute the water system.

Secondly, Organic agriculture does not need to chop down trees. In fact, it tries to grow food complemented by trees, or to grow food on the trees themselves.

Thirdly, Organic agriculture strives to live in harmony with animals and other plants, recognizing and taking advantage of the fact that certain plants and animals depend on one another to survive and thrive.

The goal of organic agriculture is to create a permanent culture, a culture that will stay here forever.

Additional Advantages of Growing an Organic Garden: Improvement of the Individual

Firstly, the garden can be created, worked on, and harvested by the whole family. The garden thus provides teamwork and becomes an educational opportunity for the kids.

Secondly, A garden provides an opportunity to engage in physical work. This relatively easy physical work is very good for prolonging life, and for improving quality of life.

Thirdly, Gardening 10 to 20 minutes daily has been proven to be of great benefit for people of more advanced ages- mentally, emotionally, and physically.

Fourthly, Gardening is related to the concept of Earthing. Earthing means standing barefoot on the ground. This simple action has many psychological benefits. It allows us to become more grounded, more centred, more at peace with our world, and with our place within that world. Earthing has physiological benefits as well, such as allowing us to sleep better, and reducing chronic pain. Additionally, in our modern world we tend to sit a lot, in front of the computer, television, in the car, causing our bodies to accumulate energy, instead of using this energy. Gardening allows us to productively use the energy our body produces.

Fifthly, A home grown garden provides us with the entire 100% vitamin and mineral of its produce. All the nutrition and energy which the plant absorbed is available for us to eat! Produce purchased in the supermarket loses between 50-70% of its vitamins and minerals within 5-7 days of being harvested (by the time it arrives in the supermarket from the farm). There is also very little waste with a home garden. You can leave the produce in the garden until you are ready to prepare your meal! Oh, and the ultimate satisfaction of eating and sharing the foods that you yourself have produced is indescribable!

So now that our eyes are open, let’s start making a beautiful garden. Come with me.

In this course, each of these six steps of creating and maintaining a vegetable garden are divided into 2 short lessons:

1. Practical lesson in the garden: In these lessons we will observe the practical application of each stage, including important tips

2. Theoretical lesson: In these lessons we will talk about the importance of the stage and go into further depth on the subject.

Who this course is for:

  • Nature, health, organic and garden lovers.
  • No previous knowledge needed.


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