H1Z1 Ps4 -Master Class- Tips and Tricks H1Z1 -Gaming Pro-

H1Z1 Ps4 -Master Class- Tips and Tricks H1Z1 -Gaming Pro-


  • PS4 or PC and internet connection


In this course we will be going over my personal favorite tips and tricks for the online game that is free and it is known as H1Z1!!!

We’ll be having a conversation in my small bathroom about this gaming topic haha 🙂

Bring a pen and paper with you as I’ll be covering multiple topics within the gameplay of H1Z1.

Some of the tips are basic but some of them all so just come from trial and error within my own style of play.

I can promise you after implementing these tips you will become a pro within the game and hopefully you will teach others how to do what you have learned through this udemy course.

H1Z1 in my personal opinion is a great game because unlike fortnite which is more unrealistic and cartoony H1Z1 has been compared to the game pubg.

I play on the PS4 that you can play on whatever gaming system you have. Other than a few different controls the gaming strategies in this course lecture through lecture are going to be the same.

Thank you so much for checking us out.

Who this course is for:

  • Anyone looking to master H1Z1 game


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