How to Achieve and Maintain a Healthy Weight


Less than one in three in adults in the United States has a normal body weight.  The obesity epidemic is caused by multiple factors from lack of sleep, increased stress, too much sitting, not enough exercise, increasing consumption of  sugar, refined grains, and starchy vegetables, to name a few.  50 years of dieting have proven that dieting doesn’t work. 

An effective solution addresses the causes of obesity, and offers a healthy way of eating that tastes good and makes you feel good. In this course, Dr. Nicholas Cohen, MD, a primary care physician in San Francisco, provides a comprehensive plan for weight loss. You’ll learn about the causes of obesity, and he’ll share with you effective strategies that have worked for thousands of his patients. 

The course begins with the definition and prevalence of obesity. Next, Dr. Cohen shows the evidence for the health impact of obesity, how being over weight shortens lifespan.  In the next section, he’ll describe the main factors that lead to obesity. This will be followed by an overview of the impact of being overweight on health.

  Dr. Cohen will then share with you tips for achieving a healthy weight.  These are tips he follows himself to maintain a healthy weight. These recommendations promote health, and are a comprehensive strategy to living healthier, not just loosing weight in the short term. Finally, Dr. Cohen will answer some frequently asked questions, and conclude with a summary of the information covered.

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