How to be funny, even if you weren’t born funny

How to be funny, even if you weren’t born funny


  • Well, it’s kinda hard… You must be a real human being.


Did you try Googling “How to be funny” and only saw theories like “listen carefully”, “appreciate irony” and “be surprising?”

I’m sure those were all true, but not that helpful, right?

Last time I checked, if you go to an improv night and “listen carefully”, you aren’t going to get your Netflix special.

Do you really have to go through a 3-month Improv class to be funny?

Most of us aren’t even trying to be stand-up comedians.

We just want to be… Funny. Witty. And Charming! In everyday situations.

So, I decided to do my own research.

I have since analyzed 1,000+ talk show videos to extract patterns, tactics, and exact lines that an average person can use to be funnier and wittier in daily conversations.

I have also personally tested the tactics in real life to make sure they work.

Here’re a few examples of what’s included:

  1. The #1 easiest way to be funny – you don’t even have to come up with a joke yourself.
  2. How to compliment people in a humorous way that they will NEVER forget?
  3. How to tease others and respond to teasing in a charming and non-awkward way?
  4. What to say when you don’t want to answer a question directly or when things are awkward?
  5. How to be funny on stage giving a keynote speech or presentation?

I only teach 100% actionable tactics. No fluffy stuff like “develop a humorous mindset” – heck, what does that even mean?

Want to be more popular at dinner parties? Network more easily for work? Want your date to think: “What an interesting person?” You may have found a way. And if this isn’t right for you…you can always find another date! [kidding]

Who this course is for:

  • For those who wanna be funny and witty in daily conversations.
  • For those who wanna be more effective leaders – do you know that 91% believe that people with a sense of humor do a better job?
  • For those who wanna be luckier in love – do you know that funny men receive phone numbers 3 times more?
  • For those who wanna be more charismatic on stage, delivering a speech or presentation (other than showing your cute cat memes)


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