How to buy the crypto coin SafeMoon

How to buy the crypto coin SafeMoon


  • No experience with Safemoon, you will learn everything.


How to buy the crypto coin SafeMoon from start to finish from Trust Wallet using Pancake Swap..

The SafeMoon Protocol is a community focused and fair launched DeFi Token.

Four simple functions occur during each trade

Reflections 4% is Redistributed to all existing holders

LP Acquisition 3% is added to liquidity

Token Burn 2% of tokens are burned

Growth Fund 1% is added to the SafeMoon Ecosystem Growth Fund

Community Focused

Community Focused and fair launch. The dev team burned all of their tokens and participated with everyone else.

Automatic LP

Every trade contributes towards auto-generating liquidity that goes into multiple pools used by exchanges

RFI Static Rewards

Holders earn passive rewards through static reflection as they watch their balance of SafeMoon grow indefinitely.

SafeMoon: A Deflationary Reflection Token with Automated Liquidity Acquisition


SafeMoon Protocol aims to solve the problems of prior cryptocurrencies including mining rewards, farming rewards, and liquidity provisioning. Mining equipment can be both costly and harmful to the environment, but mining remains of interest due to the opportunities afforded by it. As an easy alternative to mining rewards, we propose allowing users to participate in a smart contract token reflection to produce tokens inside their own wallet. Another challenge remains to facilitate and maintain liquidity on decentralized exchanges. By nature, decentralized exchanges require liquidity for user participation, thus the responsibility is on the developers to provide it. Historically, developers created incentives aimed at users to provide liquidity which can be outweighed by risk due to the subjectivity of impermanent loss. As a solution, we propose utilizing a smart contract function to automatically capture liquidity to be used on the decentralized exchanges and held in custody independent from user possession. Additionally, a smart contract that provides the capability to burn tokens

can promote scarcity by reducing the total supply. Together, the combination of these tokenomics may afford far superior benefits for the community within the  decentralized venue. Allowing these functions to be amplified and dependent on

volume provides an ideal incentive to expedite adoption and foster new use cases

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  • Beginner with buying the crypto coin Safemoon.

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