How to Draw a Mermaid in Procreate (join MerMay in 2023!)

How to Draw a Mermaid in Procreate (join MerMay in 2023!)


  • You need to have an iPad, an Apple Pencil and the Procreate app installed.


If you enjoy the fantasy culture, I am sure that mermaids are on top of your list, because they are cute, flowy, dynamic and can have tons of personality! This is a call out to all the Little Mermaid fans who want to learn how to draw their own mermaid!

There’s also a special event every year, MerMay (so it’s every year during May), when you can showcase your mermaid on social media and network with other artists who are doing the same!

In this class, you will be able to either draw your own mermaid or color the free coloring page from the resources section, in case you simply want to practice your colors!

You will learn the process of my illustration technique:

-lineart and grayscale;

-choosing colors;



-underwater background;

-final adjustments.

For this illustration, I use Procreate on an iPad Pro, but you can replicate the techniques on most drawing softwares (such as Clip Studio Paint, Photoshop, Krita etc.).

You will also get my brushes for free AND a coloring page of the lineart used in this class! So join me as I show you how to draw mermaids!

Note: the free brushes will only work in Procreate.

Who this course is for:

  • Beginner and intermediate artists who want to join the MerMay challenge or simply draw mermaids!


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