How to Get Started and Negotiate as a Filmmaker

How to Get Started and Negotiate as a Filmmaker


  • There are NO requirements for this course
  • Correction, there’s one requirement… A Passion for Filmmaking and Photography


This course is an introduction for those interested in pursuing a career in the Filmmaking and Photography world.

Unlike many industries that have a very structured approach on how to get started and work ones way up the ladder, the Film and Photography industry can be a chaotic walk in the dark. There is no set road map to success in this line of work, which can be overwhelming and defeating. That’s why the goal of this course is to help point aspiring filmmakers and photographers in the right direction and avoid common obstacles by providing you with the right tools and knowledge.

This is a quick course, but covers quite a bit of information, such as…

– Getting a Demo Reel

– Creating a Network

– Finding a Niche

– How to get work and being ready for Opportunity

– How to price your Services

– How to Negotiate and Work with Clients

– Working for Free, or Not

No matter what area of the industry you’re currently in or want to pursue, whether you’re a photographer, director, editor, cinematographer, camera operator, etc., the information in this course is applicable to all.

If you’re a complete beginner this course is a must, and if you already have experience this may be a refresher with a few new tips you can use when negotiating and planning your next project.

Who this course is for:

  • Anyone interested in, or currently, pursuing a career in Photo and Video
  • Cinematographers, Editors, Directors, Camera Operators, Photographers, Producers, Hair & Make up Artists, Production Designers


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