How to hack CELPIP Writing

How to hack CELPIP Writing


  • You should be intermediate or above in English
  • A willingness to go through the lessons and learn
  • A notebook and a pen to take notes as you go along


CELPIP is a very expensive and very important test in your life because it will open up all emigrational opportunities in Canada for you.

Of course, it’s better to pass it from the first attempt for the CLB that you need.

As an immigrant just like you I know your struggle. That’s why I’m here to help you.

Who am I?

My name is Val.

– Passed CELPIP exam with CLB 11 out of 12.

– Graduated from the Top-6 Ontario MBA program.

– Worked in several multi-national corporations like Procter&Gamble, GlaxoSmithKline and Heineken.

– Currently, I work at one of the global Tech corporations.

What will you learn?

This course is actionable, systematized and doesn’t contain blabber. Only working techniques and algorithms.

You will learn:

Both sections:

– 3 Winners’ Techniques that you should implement throughout entire CELPIP Writing section.

– 7 CELPIP Hacks that will help you avoid many mistakes.

Task 1:

– 4 elements of successful brainstorm for Task 1

– Effective Outline for Task 1

– Writing Template for Task 1

Task 2:

– 2 elements of successful brainstorm for Task 2

– Effective Outline for Task 2

– Writing Template for Task 2

– Clever Proofreading Algorithm

No blabber, only down-to-earth actionable hacks!

Let’s begin to study!


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CELPIP, which stands for Canadian English Language Proficiency Index Program, is a popular English language proficiency test used by Canadian immigration authorities, academic institutions, and employers to assess the language skills of non-native English speakers.

If you’re planning to live, work or study in Canada, passing the CELPIP test is essential. The CELPIP test evaluates your English language proficiency in four different components: Listening, Reading, Writing, and Speaking. To pass the CELPIP test, you need to obtain a minimum score in each component.

To prepare for the CELPIP test, it’s highly recommended that you take a CELPIP trial test to familiarize yourself with the test format and assess your level of proficiency. The CELPIP trial test provides you with a realistic experience of the actual test and helps you identify areas where you need to improve.

Getting a high CELPIP score requires proper preparation and practice. It’s important to note that the CELPIP test is not an easy one and requires a lot of effort to pass. However, with the right resources and guidance, you can achieve your desired CELPIP score.

To improve your chances of passing the CELPIP test, it’s essential to study and practice consistently. You can use various resources, such as online courses, study guides, and practice tests, to help you prepare. Additionally, it’s crucial to focus on areas that you find challenging and seek help from a qualified English language teacher or tutor.

In conclusion, passing the CELPIP test is crucial if you plan to live, work, or study in Canada. Taking a CELPIP trial test, preparing thoroughly, and practicing consistently can help you achieve your desired CELPIP score. With the right mindset and effort, you can pass the CELPIP test and fulfill your Canadian dreams.

Who this course is for:

  • Everyone who needs to take a CELPIP test for Canada’s immigration purposes


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