How To Have Fun At An Amusement Park

How To Have Fun At An Amusement Park


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If you want to have maximum fun at an amusement park with the least amount of hassle, then read “How To Have Fun at an Amusement Park,” written by a real-life amusement park enthusiast.

Many theme park guidebooks are thick with an overwhelming amount of information. That much detail can be helpful, but sometimes all you want are thorough but simple information; ideas that inform without all the detail that the bigger guide books provide. Do you really need to see a rating of every amusement in the park? Probably not.

“How To Have Fun at an Amusement Park” is a guide that will take you from planning to party with its simple and easy-to-follow tips and steps for having the best experience ever in a theme park. It covers single day trips to parks such as Kings Island or Cedar Point, as well as multi-day vacations to resorts such as Disney World or Universal Studios Orlando. Among other things, you will read about:

– Budgeting

– Packing lists

– Information on transportation

– Choosing accommodations

– Dining

– Maximizing your time in the parks

Let this guide help you streamline your family’s next amusement park trip.

About the Expert

Ronica Davis is a coaster maniac who has been visiting amusement parks her entire life. When she’s in the mood for thrills and chills, she hits Cedar Point, America’s Roller Coast, to conquer their seventeen ground-breaking coasters. If she’s looking for something a little bit tamer, she’ll go to Disneyland in California or Kings Island in Ohio. Her favorite park, by far, is Disney World, which she’s visited six times. An all out theme park nerd, Ronica knows the ins and outs of having an amazing and wonderful vacation, no matter who is traveling in your party or what your budget looks like.

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Who this course is for:

  • Anyone who wants to enjoy amusement parks


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