How to Learn English like a Pro

How to Learn English like a Pro


  • No previous experience needed


Many students have studied English at school but their English level hasn’t improved!

You have taken many English courses worldwide and still, feel you are at the same level or don’t feel the improvement.

You always have questions about English but don’t know what the right answer is.

If you ask these questions, How to Learn English like a Pro course will be recommended for you:

  • How to learn English?
  • How does a child learn his or her first language?
  • How does a native English speaker learn his or her English?
  • What are language development stages?
  • How many words should you know to speak English fluently?
  • What are types of vocabulary?
  • What are idioms, phrasal verbs, collocation, and slang?
  • collocation examples and types
  • How to test your pronunciation?
  • How much time a day should you study?
  • What to do to be fluent in English? — use ESPR method
  • Should I study even when I feel bored?
  • When does my level improve?
  • Should I only listen to music?
  • Should I speak to beginners when my level is intermediate?
  • How to improve my writing or speaking skills?
  • Do I learn when just speaking?
  • I usually forget the vocabulary I learn. Any advice?
  • How to remember the words?
  • What grammar should I know to speak English fluently?
  • how to be a good writer?

If you still have more questions, you can enroll now in the course and use the Q/A section to ask any questions related to language learning.

Who this course is for:

  • students at any level of English
  • useful for teachers of English



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