How To Make Beats Online

How To Make Beats Online


  • A basic knowledge/understanding of music, rhythm or melody is required to best suit you in this course.


Welcome to How To Make Beats Online. This course teaches how to make beats online without expensive software, using nothing else besides your computer and the internet. This course is intended to help aspiring producers to get a start in producing and get a taste of what is possible and what can be achieved from producing online. When I started out in music production back in 2012, I had no help and didn’t know what to do with the platform I was on. It took me 8 YEARS to get to this point but I’m giving you the start you need in only 1 HOUR.

I took the time to make this course as simple as possible so that anyone with any range in musical skill can start this course and learn without any stress or frustration. Everything that you will learn in this course will benefit you in the long run because this information serves as a basis and a foundation to becoming a great producer. With lessons ranging from different styles of production, to proper ways to get exposure and even how to master your tracks FOR FREE, this course goes over the basics needed to start a career or hobby in music production.

Who this course is for:

  • Music lovers who want to learn how to make songs but don’t have the know how.
  • Artists who want to make their own songs without the need of a producer.
  • Beginner producers and producers with previous experience who want to learn a new style and method to producing.


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