How to reduce Attrition

How to reduce Attrition


  • Anyone who are in the role of retaining employees and people managers.


Lot of companies are facing challenges in retaining employees especially after the pandemic. Identifying Growth Potential, Boosting Performance and in addition Sourcing, hiring and retaining top talent has always been a challenge. Companies are doing a lot but there is a strong need to have human centric approach in addition to what ever employers are doing today. There are several areas one can think to retain talent like enhancing coaching skills for managers, bringing in the aspect of compassion and kindness and creating a sense of belonging and connection. Coaching skills for people managers can go a long way in retaining the talent where employees are given the right space, encouraged, heard and made accountable for their results. This creates a sense of ownership.

There are several processes are followed just a ritual with our having the human aspect in every thing we do. Several people managers lack the right passion and inspiration to encourage employees to create the right environment. There is a lot employers can think of doing in the area of Inclusion and Diversity. In addition, there is a strong need to create the right opportunities for the employees not only in terms of growth but also in the areas of creating learning opportunities where there is a sense of satisfaction.

Who this course is for:

  • HR and People Manager curios about employee retention and engagement.


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