How to SOAR into your Confidence for Busy Moms in Transition

How to SOAR into your Confidence for Busy Moms in Transition


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Having struggled with my confidence, self-worth, identity, and desire to have my own money, I know exactly how it feels to feel powerless. I mean I remember just feeling completely lost with the thoughts that I was only ever going to be identified as mum.

I wanted to find Ella back again, I knew she was there somewhere and she wanted more for herself, she wanted to be able to take herself out again with her own money, wanted to be confident enough to demand her value in the corporate world once again. Every time I went through the transition of mum to working mum after having any of my kids I constantly struggled with the inner feeling of being powerless and the desire to do something that lights me up apart from being mum and wife.

So if you are struggling with your confidence, feeling overwhelm, anxious about having your own money, feeling like you have lost your own identity, I get you, I really do and I want you to know this YOU ARE NOT ALONE. The journey of transition can be a very lonely one especially when you are at the foot of your bridge

If you are struggling with your confidence, feel like you need to get you back, want to have financial freedom then this Epic guide to SOAR into your confidence is for you.


With this simple practical step one Transition course together we will learn:

How to reclaim your inner power through the power of my unique framework called the Confidence Quadrant

How to detox yourself of those negative limiting beliefs system

How to start seeing yourself in financial abundance by creating systems that will empower your mind.

How to use the SOAR framework to reclaim your confidence giving you the power to start living life the way you love.

How to become more Confident in your own unique journey

Who this course is for:

  • Stay At Home Mums
  • Women
  • Working mums
  • Postpartum women
  • Mothers with small children
  • Mothers who are on maternity leave Mothers on extended leave planning to return to work
  • Overwhelmed mothers who want to feel more in control



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