How to start and build an exercise habit

How to start and build an exercise habit


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Most of us know that exercise is good for us and yet for many, it’s a struggle to get started, and for many of those that do, it’s a struggle to keep going! This course aims to change all of that.


This course is for anyone who wants or needs to start and build an exercise habit, for whatever reason. Maybe you have no trouble starting an exercise habit but find it so hard to keep going and maintain it? Maybe more specifically you want to lose weight? Run a 10km? Improve your general health and fitness? Live longer? Maybe you suffer from Anxiety or Depression and want a natural way to help with these? (exercise is proven to do so). Perhaps you just want to generally improve your mental health and happiness? Whatever your need and desire, when it comes to starting and building an exercise habit that becomes part of who you are and what you do, this course is for you!


My normal area of expertise is in the arenas of happiness and mental health, but I decided to create this course because exercising consistently is something I have done well at throughout my whole life, and in more recent years I’ve also become successful at building positive habits in all areas of my life, so I decided to combine both these areas of passion and expertise into this course, to help others start and build an exercise habit.  Another inspiration for doing this course is also the fact that one of the reasons I’m so happy and have such rock-solid mental health is precisely because of my exercise habit, and I want others to experience the potentially life changing magic of building an exercise habit.


I believe the best way to solve a problem is to first understand the problem and why it exists, and so in Section 1 we examine the shocking consequences of not exercising, all the deep-rooted reasons why we don’t exercise (here you will realise it’s not your fault you haven’t been exercising!) and why we so often find it difficult to start and continue an exercise habit, as well as all the excuses we come up with.


We then dive deep into finding and building your self-motivation, because while some outside motivation like inspiring quotes may work occasionally as a short term “mental sugar boost”, the best and only long-term sustainable form of motivation is self-motivation from within. So in Section 2 we cover the mind-blowing biological benefits that exercise bestows on us, how these effects can often ripple out and help transform our whole lives, and how to uncover your personal motivation to exercise that will allow you to maintain your habit even when things get tough and rough.


In Section 3 we dive deep into the more practical side of things, covering numerous proven ways to both start and build your exercise habit, as well as examining mindset and psychological related tips and strategies. We then look at powerful habit-forming strategies as they relate specifically to starting and maintaining an exercise habit.


Section 4 wraps everything up in a bow and helps you prepare for staying on track when “life happens”, and talks you through the essential ingredients of your exercise action plan, and finishes with a sprinkle of motivational quotes to send you on your way to your new life.

Enrol now and start your journey to transforming your mental and physical health, and taking advantage of the magical ripple effect of exercise in potentially transforming your whole life!

Who this course is for:

  • Anyone who struggles with self-motivation to exercise
  • Anyone with a health or fitness goal such as to lose weight or run a certain distance
  • Anyone who often starts exercising but struggles to keep it going long-term
  • Anyone with depression or anxiety (exercise is proven to help)
  • Anyone who want to improve their mental health, well-being and happiness


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