How to think logically? The rules of rational thinking-Part1

How to think logically? The rules of rational thinking-Part1


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Do you want to think properly?

Are you searching for happiness?

Are you a truth-seeker?

Do you want to win arguments with other people?

Do you like to convince others about your opinions?

Do you hope to influence other people emotionally?

Do you wish to learn about logical fallacies and how to detect them and avoid them?

This course is a simplified course about the rules of logic. It presents the rational and scientific rules of logic, in an easy modern way, with lots of examples from everyday life, and with many intellectual examples too.

In this course, you will learn:

– How to think right

– How to understand things around you

– How to judge things right

– How to form right evidence

– How to search and approach truth

– How to argue with others and win the argument

– How to convince others about your opinions

– How to influence other people emotionally

– How to detect logical fallacies

– How to refute wrong evidences

– How to apply logic in different situations in life

We can promise you that if you study these rules well, understand them well, and practice them in your everyday life, your life will change in a great way that you have never imagined!

Hope you enjoy the journey with us!

Who this course is for:

  • People seeking for right thinking
  • People facing problems
  • People seeking for truth


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