How to win Clients as a Freelancer using LinkedIn

How to win Clients as a Freelancer using LinkedIn


  • An active (free) LinkedIn account
  • No LinkedIn Ads are covered (Organic Search)


This course demonstrates you a proven strategy ( I have done it myself and continue doing it) and a step by step guide in order to auto generate high-quality Clientswin sustainable Freelance Projects, increase your visibility on LinkedIn (+12.000 Followers) and build a sustainable brand. 

And all of this is done remotely.


  • Step by step Guide to create an outstanding LinkedIn-Profile as a Freelancer and auto generate long-lasting Projects organically (NO paid ads)
  • How to build an automated Sales-Funnel to acquire sustainable Clients without any effort (independent of Recruiters, Intermediaries or Recommendations)
  • How to send efficient cold messages to your LinkedIn connections (introducing new Tools and sharing best Practices)
  • How to define and find your Ideal Target Company and Buyer Persona
  • Understand how Recruiters are screening and searching for Freelancers
  • How to pro-actively find Freelance Jobs
  • Getting a list with the best Companies that place Freelancers for high hourly rates
  • Mastering Sales: Getting a pre-defined System (CRM) to track your outreach Activities + Sample Messages
  • 3 Additional Videos: Detailed CopyWriting and Content Strategy Plan you directly can execute

Three Reasons why you should TAKE THIS COURSE right now:

  • As a freelancer you need to be independent of Intermediaries/Recruiters and Referrals. MASTERING SALES and acquiring your own clients is the most essential skill. You always can approach me directly as a dedicated coach (24/7).
  • Social Trust is the new currency, make use of it as fast as you can! Sales is a people Business, based on Relationships and Networks.
  • LinkedIn is constantly changing its feature, so be on top of it and get lifetime access.


  • Step by Step Guides: where I explain in detail a proven strategy to win high-quality Clients as a Freelancer
  • Templates: Scripts, Sample Messages, Lists of the best Companies that place Freelancers and Tracking Systems
  • Mistakes to avoid: so you can learn from my community (500+ freelancers) and myself so you do not have to make them!


  • 6 Questions for defining your (Sub-) Niche in order to serve your Target Audience
  • 5 proven Steps to structure your LinkedIn-Posts (Content)
  • 3 Ways to Deliver Content like a Pro
  • Chance to become part of my to my pre-vetted Freelance Community [I will forward potential Freelance Gig]


  • Freelancers (all Levels) and Full-time Employees who are having Side-Hustles/Gigs
  • Entrepreneurs, Agency Owners, Coaches and Consultants that want to increase its Visibility on LinkedIn
  • Anyone who wants to build their own Brand, generate Business Clients and grow its best Professional Network
  • People who want to learn about the basics of Freelancing/Entrepreneurship: Value Proposition, Target Company, Ideal Persona and building systematic/automated Sales Funnels

Let me take you on this outstanding journey as well and it will be my pleasure sharing my experience so you can do the same.


My name is Fabian Troeltzsch and I support you in growing your freelance business – you deserve an outstanding income with minimum amount of effort.

Over the last years I have helped 300+ freelancers from 20+ countries world-wide to generate 6-figure businesses per year. Earning 10.000+ EUR as a freelancer per month should & can be easily achieved by everyone.

I did it myself – started having a side-hustle while working as an IT-Project Manager and build my own pre-vetted Freelance Community of over 500 Freelancers (Developers, Project-/Product Manager and Designers).

Within the last 2 years I have scaled the Business as a Solopreneur to over 2 Mio (EUR) in Revenue.

Check Out my Recommendations on LinkedIn from other Freelancers:

“Fabian has provided to me some great freelance jobs, very well aligned with my skills. Additionally he has built an amazing education academy for his freelance community – adding significant                                                                                                   coaching and mentoring value.” –> Christoph Schock (NLP Expert)

“Giving up your secure Fulltime-Job to pursue a career as a Freelancer can be scary, especially if you also move to a new country. However, Fabian supported me heavily on this journey – he knows the freelance market by heart and provided/guided me in various ways. I am thankful to have such a sparring partner on my side.” –> Simon Boberg (Key Account Manager)

“Fabian has been a tremendous asset to my freelancing business. His positive attitude, professionalism and open lines of communication make him a pleasure to work with. I highly recommend his services & coaching                                                         to freelancers like me!”    –> Bree-Anna Dinsmore (UI/UX Designer)

“Fabian is incredible talented in growing its own curated freelance community within Europe. On the one hand he provides outstanding trainings and coaching to his freelancers. On the other hand he puts them on amazing projects and clients, me included. Thanks a lot for forming such an inspiring network of highly talented people.” –> Viktor Nesterenko (Fullstack Dev.)

Who this course is for:

  • All levels of Freelancer, Fulltime Employees having a Side-Hustle and Agencies



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