How to write a perfect research paper (with Case studies)

How to write a perfect research paper (with Case studies)


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Writing a research paper is vital for academic success and sometimes it is also mandated in some of the cases of degree courses offered by the Universities. As a result of publication as key factor in the ranking framework of universities; nationally and internationally, there is increasing demand of quality publications. In academia, both students and faculties are expected to do the research work and publish their research work in reputed journals and conference proceedings. In some of the Universities publishing SCI / Scopus indexed journal paper based on the research work is the prerequisite for Masters / Doctoral degree.

A correct and perfect knowledge of writing the complete research article is necessary for students and faculties.

This course will teach you how to write a complete and perfect research paper in simple step-by-step ways.

Successful case studies are included in the form of examples in each section.

This course will help you to write a complete and perfect paper in less time.

If you are a beginner, you just simply follow the steps given in each section this course to write your research paper; and even if you are more experienced and have already published few papers, you may be surprised at how much you can improve your research writing.

About the course teacher: Prof Vinayak Bairagi has completed M.E. in Electronic in 2007 with 1st Rank in Pune University. University of Pune has awarded him a PhD degree in Engineering in 2013. He has teaching experience of 16 years and research experience of 12 years. He has published more than 61 papers, of which 38 papers are in international journals. His 50 papers are indexed in Scopus and 32 papers are indexed in SCI. He is a reviewer for nine scientific journals including IEEE Transactions, Elsevier, and Springer Journals. He was invited as session chair for 21 national & international conferences. He has also been invited as resources person by 31 colleges for invited talk. He has received four research grants. He has filed 12 patents and 5 copyrights in technical field.

Take this “How to write a perfect research paper (with Case studies)” course now and learn how to write complete and perfect research papers.

Who this course is for:

  • Beginner researcher who wants to write their own research papers.


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