How to write a scientific paper with impact

How to write a scientific paper with impact


  • No scientific writing experience needed.


Welcome everyone!

In this course I will share my experiences with writing scientific papers with you. The course is especially useful for clinical researchers within medicine, as this is my background. But even if you are not specifically in this field, it may still be of benefit for you! You could use the course for your thesis, research paper, research proposal or just to polish your academic writing skills!

The components of this course are published on the go, as I work on it besides my regular work. Feedback and comments are obviously more than welcome, that way I can further improve the course whilst working on it! The course is now mainly lecture-based, with a few templates incorporated, let me know if another learning strategy works better for you!

This course is divided into five comprehensive sections:

1. Introduction

2. Overview of different types of papers (i.e. evidence pyramid/research methodology)

3. Writing your paper (introduction, methods, results, conclusion)

4. What comes after writing

5. Final remarks

Below you will find the status of each lecture:

Section 1. Introduction > published

Section 2. Overview of different types of papers > published

Section 3. Writing your paper > published

Section 4. What comes after writing > published

Section 5. Final remarks > published

– Lecture 23: Final remarks > pending

Who this course is for:

  • Undergraduate students
  • Graduate students
  • PhD students
  • Healthcare professionals
  • Anyone within the field of (life) sciences

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