Human Design: Manifesting Generator Beginners Course

Human Design: Manifesting Generator Beginners Course


  • You’ll need your Human Design chart, my love! (When you got your free chart make sure you entered the EXACT time, date and location of your BIRTH. If not, do it again! Having YOUR correct chart is vitally important to receiving the right information about you).


New to HD? Know you’re a “Manifesting Generator” Type but don’t really get what it and all that other stuff means?

If you’re looking for really simple, easy to understand, user-friendly resources on Human Design and you’re a Manifesting Generator (or have one in your life you wish you understood better!) then this course is specifically for you.

It’s a basic introduction to all things Manifesting Generator (or “Man Gen” for short!). You’ll learn about the Type, Strategy and each of the different Inner Authorities of the Man Gen. You’ll also learn about the Not-Self Theme and Signature of the Man Gen, two terms that are not listed on all HD charts but are important to know about!

If you’re a Man Gen and you’re brand new to HD this course is for you. But it will also be helpful if you have been learning about HD for a while and your Man Gen self is still confused! This course is designed to make the complicated nature of Human Design as simple as possible so you can get on with your life and make it work better than it currently is!

This course is not for you if you can already explain to someone else what the terms Type, Strategy and Inner Authority mean. It’s not for you if you’re already nailing it when it comes to knowing when to respond and when to take action. But it is for you if you still find any aspect of this confusing or unclear or you still feel stuck and you don’t know why you can’t follow your HD Strategy!

You’ll get the most out of it if you speak fluent English. Please know that your instructor is from Australia so expect to hear an Aussie accent!

Who this course is for:

  • you if you are a Manifesting Generator (or someone who loves a Man Gen and wants to better understand them)
  • you’re a Man Gen who is quite new to Human Design and want to skip past all that jargon!
  • you want to learn from someone who has been teaching Human Design for more than 7 years


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