Humanities: Academic Writing and Publishing

Humanities: Academic Writing and Publishing


  • You should have some basic writing skills and a desire to learn and practice.


This course will introduce you to the art and craft of scholarly writing in the humanities through video lectures, print sources, and through some example texts. Please bear in mind that this course does not teach the basic mechanics of writing a paper but rather focuses on strategies needed to write and publish a paper.

Here is what you will Learn:

  • The basic structure of an academic Paper.
  • Ways to use literary theory in academic writing.
  • Submission and review process.
  • How not to submit to fake and predatory journals.

Overall, this course offers materials that will enhance your general knowledge about academic writing while also informing you about the specifics of how to approach various stages of academic writing. I have also included a textual Handbook in the resources section of the course, so please do make use of it. There is also a PDF of one f my own published articles in the Resources section that you can use as an example and I have also included a link to my full article on scholarly publishing in the same section.

Besides the video lectures, the course includes textual resources. I am also open to any suggestions that you ,might have and would incorporate them as and when I revise this course. So, please feel free to reach out to me through the course messaging system with your questions, queries, and suggestions.

Who this course is for:

  • This is an ideal course for graduate and undergraduate students in the humanities and social sciences.


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